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Gentleman underwear

  • Gentleman underwear・Tops

    Comfort with excellent functionality of gentleman underwear, summer leaves a silky feeling blotted the sweat absorption quick drying. Winter brushed back stretch material in the comfortable warmth!

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  • Gentleman underwear・Bottoms

    Functionality, an elastic excellent, comfortable rustling in the absorption speed dry even in perfect and it was comfortable to wear!

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Lady underwear

  • Lady underwear・Tops

    In stretch outstanding, comfortable smooth absorption quick drying in perfect and it was comfortable to wear! Winter offers the inner hard out waist asymmetrical design.

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  • Lady underwear・Bottoms

    Multi-function shorts by type rich applications!

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Care underwear

  • Care underwear・Tops

    And help the caregivers in kind design that is easy to the change of clothes! Absorption force preeminent light incontinence Shorts & Trunks also I am abundantly hand. Smell anxious powerful deodorizing effect also safe!

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  • Care underwear・Bottoms

    In absorption Excellent, light incontinence shorts smell also do not mind! Gentleman, also kind of women's wealth. Because it is excellent functionality of thin absorbent pad, usually of trunks, shorts and appearance does not change.

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